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TeamUp is a highly specialized provider in seafarer recruiting and crew management.

Seafarer Recruiting

We source your seafarer. Our highest priority is that the seafarer fit your requirements. So, whatever the means, we do our best to achieve the mission.

Clipboard portraying crew management.

Crew Management

Your journey’s success ultimately depends on your crew. Therefore, we are fully agile and adjust to your needs. We can cover all types of roles to ensure effective management.

Airplane portraying traveling. Traveling is a large part of the additional services for recruiting and crew management.

Additional Services

We fully adjust to your needs. You need travel arranged? We book the flight, call the hotel, and provide meals. You need uniforms, working gear, bank accounts? Just let us know.

What we do

Whether you require a single seafarer or complete crew: We source and present you with a full candidate profile. You get:

  • A complete set of reviewed certificates,
  • A short video to offer a first impression,
  • A personality test to confirm the candidate matches your team.

We are connected to numerous professional networks. Thus, saving you time and money connecting to countless databases. Tell us your demands, and we source for you.

Why choose us?

In short:

  • Drop your job for free. Then, receive extensive and selected profiles, and save time and money sourcing countless candidates.

  • We are connected to numerous professional networks and diverse databases.

  • We have emphasized the pursuit of excellence in all our operations for over 15 years.

Our Crewing Services:

To summarize, our services include but is not limited to:

  • Recruiting great candidates
  • Organizing training 
  • Handling the crew’s payroll
  • Controlling your costs
  • Providing personal bank accounts for seafarer
  • Issuing the Seafarer Employment Agreement – SEA
  • Ensuring that staff complies with seaside norms
    (for example medical, visa, documents)
  • Organizing travel to the ship
  • Supplying uniform and working gear
  • Organizing English Tests
  • Scanning seafarers mental health

Do you need something else? Let us know!

Crew Management System

Crew Management System

Our system monitors all data related to seafarers to guarantee compliance with mandatory requirements (such as Certificates, Training, Medical, Flag State, Visa). Firstly, all data and documents are filed electronically. So, the seafarer’s competence is checked electronically and manually. Above all, we are the first to include a personality test as part of our check to improve teamwork and communication, which will enhance efficiency and safety onboard.

Marlin English Language Testing

Marlin English Language Testing

English is the working language at sea and effective communication is vital in ensuring safe and successful operations.
Marlins English Language Tests have been developed experts, and piloted worldwide. This has contributed to the validity and reliability of the tests.
As a result, the tests are suitable for all ranks, positions, and nationalities. The questions are set within the context of the maritme industry sector. There are hundreds of questions contained within the database which are randomly selected. This ensures no two tests are the same.
The tests can be taken online or in a testing center depending on your need.

We organize Marlins test for you.

Personality Test

Crew Mental Health Assessment

The job onboard can be stressful and affects a seafarer’s mental health. Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations have been applied in several high risks or stressful occupations such as in the police force, aviation, or high-security but not in seafaring, despite research findings of high rates of suicide, depression, and anxiety. Therefore, it is our duty to assess a seafarer’s readiness and mitigate your risks.

Crew Personalty Assessment

Moreover, combining information from different psychological tests to improve job performance. The personality test determines qualities essential to job function and identifies traits relevant to positions onboard. In short, we ensure safety and success on board.