About Us

TeamUp specializes in maritime recruitment and managing crew.

We’re dedicated and reliable with extensive maritime experience. 

Maritime is our business. We know this industry inside out. We offer permanent and contract maritime jobs throughout the world. We commit to flourish as experts in maritime recruiting.

CEO and founder of Teamup and  maritime recruiting expert Pierre Martin.

A Word from our CEO

Hi there, I’m Pierre Martin
I’m the founder and CEO of Flagship, and today I want to take the opportunity to introduce myself and my journey towards maritime.

I’ve been in the Maritime Industry for over 15 years, improving ships operation in the Caribbean. I have moved from France to sunny Martinique in my mid-20ies, initially as a scuba diving instructor. After 15 years managing outdoor tours in tourism, I found a job as an Admin and Safety Manager for a local tug boat company by chance. Then I fell in love with the maritime industry. And that’s how my story started. So, if you are facing an opportunity, take it; interesting paths may open up. 

Anyhow, ever since, I have managed vessels, oversaw maintenance work, trained crew members within the Caribbean. Now, I seek to extend our services offering maritime recruiting and crew management .

Maritime Qualifications

Certificates from Maritime Colleges

  • Ship management & Fleet Technical Management by Lloyds Maritime Academy, London
  • Designated Person Ashore by Lloyds Maritime Academy, London.
  • Company/ Ship Security Officer (CSO/ SSO) 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Ship Sale and Purchase 2019 by Lloyds Maritime Academy, London.
  • Crew Manning Certificate 2020 by Lloyds Maritime Academy, London.
  • Internal Auditor for ISM, IPS and MLC 2006 by Germanischer Lloyds, Copenhagen
  • Team leader for oil pollution management in coastal areas by CEDRE, Brest/France 
  • Ship Sanitation Inspector, assigned by Prefets of Martinique and Guadeloupe for ports of Martinique, Guadeloupe and Saint Martin (french side)

Leadership in Maritime Recruiting

Our Maritime Mission

Our mission is to connect seafarer with shipowner. Our goal is to attract and man vessels with appropriate crew for your journey at sea and ensure that the seafarer perfectly fit your requirements and official regulations. Our tools and processes help you to find the perfect match. We ensure to work together with the best in the industry.

Our Maritime Vision

Our goal is to provide a ship to every seafarer and a seafarer to every ship. All while delivering an exemplary standard of service within marine recruitment and permitting both candidates and clients to proceed with confidence and comfort. We envision delivering all-encompassing services to our customers, from ship management, maintenance to the perfect crew. 

Who we are

We are a young company located in Martinique and Malta. Even though we just recently have ventured into crew management, throughout our 15 years of experience in ship management, we have emphasized the pursuit of excellence in all our operations. Our commitments include flourishing as experts in maritime recruiting, raising the standards in the Caribbean, both in quality and safety matters. Running successful projects for our clients keeps us flourishing. We value a hands-on mentality in our company and for all our employees. We focus on physical and mental health and safe working conditions for all our people.


Maritime Recruiting office in Martinique. Martinique is the basis for recruiting seafarer located in the Caribbean.

In Martinique is where it all began. The office is strategically located by the historic dry dock facility, build in 1864. 


Flagship Company
Bassin de Radoub
97200 Fort de France


Malta is our basis for recruiting European Seafarer.

Our offices in Malta are located in the beautiful residential town of Swieqi in northern Malta.


c/o Asteria Management
Tal-Ibrag Road
Swieqi SWQ 2033

Our Maritime Recruiting Partners

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